Other Membership Levels

Associate or Affiliate Membership (level 3)

Associate status is available to candidates-in-training at accredited institutes or equivalent institutes or programs. Eligible students are those who can document that they (1) are officially enrolled at their institutes and (2) are engaged in the supervised practice of psychoanalysis. Affiliate status is available to students enrolled at an institute or program that meets NAAP standards.

Organizational Membership

Organizational Membership is open to any psychoanalytic organization or training institute:

  • that supports the educational and training endeavors of psychoanalysts from different perspectives and encourages a dialogue among those perspectives,
  • that promotes research in the analytic domain,
  • whose philosophy is articulating the theory, practice, and applications of psychoanalysis,
  • that is involved in interpreting and understanding the field of psychoanalysis,
  • that wishes to collaborate with other psychoanalytic organizations to help understand new developments in psychoanalysis.
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Research, Academic and Mental Health Affiliate

Research Affiliate status is available to select scientists whose research is relevant to the practice of psychoanalysis.Academic Affiliate membership is open to select educators who have a psychoanalytically informed orientation to education. Mental Health Affiliate status is available to select members of other professions who have a demonstrated interest in psychoanalysis.

Friend of Psychoanalysis

Friend of Psychoanalysis status is open to members of the public who have an interest in psychoanalysis. This category of membership is intended to provide public representation to NAAP and to educate the community about our goals and activities.